Tame your Inbox. Never lose emails in Outlook again.

MailSortr for Outlook allows you to create your own custom Priority Inbox with key
features to boost your productivity.

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Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 & Office 365 (Not compatible with Mac)(Exchange and POP accounts only)

“I filed my contracts into folders and could still see the important ones in my inbox. What a great find!” – John K., Attorney

“Not manually filing emails has definitely saved me some time.” – Sarah L., Project Manager

“Finally found a tool where I don’t have to copy myself on email replies!” – Lisa B., Accountant

Custom Inbox View

Create a custom MailSortr Inbox view which shows only priority emails even if they are not located in your inbox folder. The MailSortr Inbox… Read More

Remove and Remove Thread

De-clutter your MailSortr Inbox by removing emails that no longer require your attention. Instead, only view emails that require your immed… Read More


Simply click on the Mute button to block emails from the selected conversation from entering your MailSortr Inbox. Unlike the standard Outlo… Read More

Auto-Response Filing

Automatically have your email responses filed to a specified folder. This saves valuable time as compared to manually filing emails.… Read More